99 posse – Corto Circuito
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99 posse — Corto circuito
Release date : Jan. 01, 1998
Label : BMG / RCA
  1. Buongiorno
  2. Corto circuito
  3. Me siente?
  4. Lettera al presidente
  5. Quello che
  6. Era na vota
  7. Vulesse
  8. Focolaio
  9. Bon voyage
  10. Nell'era della confusione semiotica
  11. Siente 'o fank
  12. Pagherete caro


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99 Posse – Corto Circuito

99 Posse is an Italian hip hop/reggae group from Naples. It raps both in Italian and in the local Naples dialect. Most of 99 Posse’s songs deal with political or social issues and the group members are considered left-wing hardliners. As a showing of their activism, all of the group’s albums have been released with a prezzo politico (“political price”): each CD displays a sticker saying “Don’t pay more than…”. For 99 Posse, this means “putting into practice a specific understanding about their relationship with the market, a sort of ideal practice.” The group has gained popularity in Italy through its songs and its voicing of progressive political causes.




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