Amplifier – Amplifier
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Amplifier — Amplifier
Release date : Jun. 06, 2004
Label : Music For Nations
  1. Motorhead
  2. Airborne
  3. Panzer
  4. Old Movies
  5. Post Acid Youth
  6. On/Off
  7. The Consultancy
  8. One Great Summer
  9. UFO's


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Amplifier – Amplifier

“A British rock-scene altering record. Enjoy it in all its infinite glory” Kerrang!

Think the future of rock. I have seen it, and it’s in good hands. Trust me. Metal Hammer Magazine

“No other record this year will have the audacity to field such lofty ambitions, let alone have the skills to fulfil them” NME

Amplifier are taking British post-rock into decidedly darker corners of the universe and all we can do is follow. KKKK Kerrang!

Amplifier’s debut single is ace. The Fly

You might say that Amplifier have something for everyone. Organic, soulful, melodic and tight in a way that only a 3 piece can ever truly be Kerrang!

They play with the commitment of someone who’s been to the other side and come back with a kilo of smuggled hyper-life-force in their rucksack. NME

“Whatever the secret is, in a mere six songs Amplifier have left the gathered movers and shakers radically rethinking what they expect from their rock and roll bands. This could get seriously interesting. The Fly

“Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Amplifier yet soon you’ll be crowing to anyone who’ll listen that they’re your new favourite band. So how do you make an Amplifier? Apparently, you take one part early Smashing Pumpkins, blend it with a dash of Chris Cornell, guitars that know how to squeal pleasantly when shaken and the same kind of eyes wide, super ambitious enormo-rock sound that Nick McCabe once used to stun the world when he made A Storm in Heaven. Put that little lot together and apparently you come up with a song called Motorhead, which is the first of the two tracks on the sampler disc for Amplifier’s forthcoming album. We can’t stop listening to it and we suspect that within this humble three-piece band lurks something very special. Seek it out and worship before it!” Play Music Magazine buy accutane