Daisybox – Diagnostic
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Daisybox — Diagnostic
Release date : Jan. 01, 2005
Label : Barclay / Universal
  1. Les Mains Dans Les Poches
  2. Fixe
  3. Maya Fou
  4. Le Diable Est Avec Moi
  5. Solide
  6. Alcoolique
  7. Une Seconde À Ma Place
  8. Caustique
  9. Métal Hostile
  10. Un Jour Trop Lisse


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Daisybox – Diagnostic

Formed in 1994 from the ashes of Candies and Samuel Olivier Nicolas, Daisy (future Daisybox since girlfriend Mickey is a registered trademark) is gaining momentum two years later when Leonard Vasco joins Anne Lise Pernotte and the two brothers for become the first line of stable, this Parisian rock band whose influences are clear up: The Pixies, Sonic Youth … Alternative classy is required. And that’s how sounds Diagostic, Clean, nerd nothing, While rates of change, driven by the voice of Nicolas Olivier, simple and melancholy. The guitar knows hover or saturate kind of mixture of post-Grunge Smashing Pumpkins and words in both directions as rock Indochina Rita Mitsouko were able to popularize them. Everything is blurred in that sings Daisybox leaving each interpretation …( Google Translate )

The group proclaims it loud and clear: Daisybox is not a French rock band. But a group that rock …


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