Depeche Mode – Condemnation
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Depeche Mode — Condemnation ( EP )
Release date : Sept. 13, 1993
Label : Mute
  1. Condemnation (Paris Mix) – (remix by Alan Wilder & Steve Lyon)
  2. Death's Door (Jazz Mix) – (remix by Depeche Mode & Steve Lyon)
  3. Rush (Spiritual Guidance Mix)
  4. Rush (Amylnitrate Mix – Instrumental)
  5. Condemnation (Live) Mute / LCDBong23 – UK
  6. Personal Jesus (Live) Mute / LCDBong23 – UK
  7. Enjoy the Silence (Live) Mute / LCDBong23 – UK
  8. Halo (Live) Mute / LCDBong23 – UK


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Depeche Mode – Condemnation

Paris Mix

For the single release of this Songs of Faith and Devotion cut, Wilder went into a Paris studio to do some further remixing, thus the “Paris” mix of said track. An evocative, surprisingly successful take on gospel inspirations, the original Gahan vocal, sometimes rough but utterly passionate throughout, remains the same. Some of the backing vocals are pumped up and rearranged, following the version the band had been playing that year on tour, while the strong, steady beat isn’t introduced until later in the song. The overall effect is lovely, another instance of Depeche reinventing itself while staying true to its overall ethos. As a point of comparison, the in-concert version from Songs of Faith and Devotion Live appears at the end, along with two other live cuts from that tour originally from Violator. “Halo” gets a good workout and audience response, but the storming version of “Enjoy the Silence,” based in part on Daniel Miller’s mix from that single, is the real winner, with a great new Gore guitar break and all the huge, pumped-up passion one would expect from the track. On the remix side of things, two separate versions of Songs album track “Rush” appear. Though the song suffers from being a fairly obvious response back to the clearly Depeche-influenced Nine Inch Nails, as remixed there’s more going on than before. Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto does a fantastic job with the “Spiritual Guidance” mix, introducing his own brand of funky, heavy beats to the arrangement. The “Nitrate” mix, from Tony Garcia, takes a hardcore techno approach to things with enough of the original surfacing to provide some extra kicks. Topping it all off is an alternate “Jazz” mix for “Death’s Door,” which originally surfaced on the Until the End of the World soundtrack. A low-key, smoky ballad sung by Gore and featuring some elegant guitar work from him, it’s an emotional diversion. buy accutane