Depeche Mode – Devotional
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Depeche Mode — Devotional - DVD
Release date : Jan. 01, 1994
Label : Mute
  1. Higher Love
  2. World In My Eyes
  3. Walking In My Shoes
  4. Behind The Wheel
  5. Stripped
  6. Condemnation
  7. Judas
  8. Mercy In You
  9. I Feel You
  10. Never Let Me Down Again
  11. Rush
  12. In Your Room
  13. Personal Jesus
  14. Enjoy The Silence
  15. Everything Counts
  16. Death's Door (playing during the credits)
  17. Halo - Bonus Track
  18. Policy of truth - Bonus Track


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Depeche Mode – Devotional

After extensive re-workings of the material by Alan and myself in London, three stage set’s were recorded for the tour. Sourcing the original Analog 24 track master’s, Dat back up’s and material from the Sampler’s used on Violator and SOFAD, We re-worked the arrangements to include re-mixes, alternative sounds and to incorporate Alan playing Drum’s Live on certain song’s in the set.

This DVD soundtrack to the Devotional tour followed two months of work in London then a month at Alan’s studio. The story regarding the crash of the Digital Hard disk recorders and all the work to that point is true. I had however copied the work done before the departure to Alan’s studio onto Digital Multi track on Valentines day 1993, before a celebratory drink in a local pub. Some songs had to be re-recorded and the prepared set’s were then moved to two Sony 24 track Digital machines as backing for the live performances.

The recordings used in the “Song’s of faith and Devotion Live” album did come from Concerts recorded on the European part of the tour. One concert on the USA tour completed the songs for SOFAD live.

A number of concerts were recorded for DEVOTIONAL not just the concert in Liévin, Stade Couvert Régional, on 29 July 1993. The Compilation of these recordings made up the soundtrack to the performance filmed by Anton Corbijn to his video backing. buy accutane