Maggie Estep – Love Is A Dog From Hell
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Maggie Estep — Love Is A Dog From Hell
Release date : Jul. 01, 1997
Label : Mercury
  1. Master of Lunacy
  2. I'm an Emotional Idiot
  3. Gum
  4. Stalk Me
  5. Portnoy's Psychiatric Complaint
  6. Vicious
  7. Fireater
  8. David Cronenberg
  9. (Writer Guy) I Want Mangos
  10. Jenny's Shirt
  11. How to Get Free Hamburgers
  12. Miles Howard Chandler
  13. Scab Maids On Speed
  14. Welcome To The Monkyhouse


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Maggie Estep – Love Is A Dog From Hell

Critical reception

The album generally received positive reviews. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic wrote: “Although Maggie Estep’s poetry, prose and songs lose some power when they are not seen live, Love Is a Dog from Hell is a more effective album than her debut, No More Mister Nice Girl. Estep sounds more comfortable in the studio than before, and the musical backdrops are a little sharper,” while also describing her words as “stellar, capturing her acidic wit at its biting best.” Tom Roe of CMJ also praised the album, stating: “Estep sounds more at home in this environment than making all that pseudo-metal noise.” He also compared Estep to other “poets with musical sides”, such as John S. Hall and Laurie Anderson, while noting the newly introduced ambient and techno elements in her music. buy accutane