Paradise Lost – Host
Paradise Lost — Host
Release date : Apr. 28, 1999
Label : EMI
  1. So Much Is Lost
  2. Nothing Sacred
  3. In All Honesty
  4. Harbour
  5. Ordinary Days
  6. It's Too Late
  7. Permanent Solution
  8. Behind the Grey
  9. Wreck
  10. Made the Same
  11. Deep
  12. Year of Summer
  13. Host


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Paradise Lost – Host

Heavy metal is a hard category when a band wants or needs to change. So it isn’t a surprise that Paradise Lost lost many fans when the group’s previous albums, Draconian Times and One Second, were released. Host isn’t an exception — vice versa, it goes even deeper into experimental rock. This time Paradise Lost even uses synths and programming, but mixing them with distorted guitar sounds better than you may expect. Host sounds, surprisingly, like Depeche Mode with distorted guitars. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing. Host is a big step for Paradise Lost at both artistic and progressive levels. Death isn’t such a contemporary topic for singer Nick Holmes anymore, but depressive lyrics about failures in life define the mood of Host. When guitarist/keyboardist Gregor MacKintosh’s intelligent keyboard usage is added to this mood, it is easy to align with the band. Songs like “So Much Is Lost,” “In All Honesty,” and “Permanent Solution” are the highlights, but there are no boring moments on Host. Paradise Lost promises a lot for the band’s next album.

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