Reamonn – Tuesday
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Reamonn — Tuesday
Release date : May. 29, 2000
Label : Virgin
  1. 7th Son
  2. Supergirl
  3. Swim
  4. If I go
  5. Josephine
  6. Hean In My Hands
  7. She's So Sexual
  8. Torn
  9. Stripped
  10. Waiting There for You
  11. Just a Day


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Reamonn – Tuesday


Following the turn of the millennium’s fondness for singer/songwriter traditions, Reamonn worked the crossroads of likable acoustic rock and familiar European orchestration. Named for Irish-born frontman Reamonn Garvey, the five-piece formed in late 1998 in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany. After landing an early major-label deal, the band rushed to record their debut album, choosing Steve Lyon to steer its production.

The combination of raw folk and glossy production proved successful: the first German single “Supergirl” made the Top Ten and the LP, 2000’s Tuesday, went gold. Wisely, Reamonn worked the album despite the major-label blanket. They toured on both sides of its release with H.I.M., the Guano Apes, and Bon Jovi and went back to work on a follow-up shortly thereafter, even though they were unaware if their style of music would have a place in the world when they resurfaced. Dream No.7 was released in 2001 and further enhanced their popularity in Europe. buy accutane